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Why New Year's Resolutions Fail

January 1st, 2023, a monumental shift in our personal as well as professional lives. As we reflect on the past year with all its trials and blessings, we are pushed from every direction to set goals and create resolutions in order to grow and excel in the upcoming year.

Statistics have shown that out of all resolutions created January 1st, 23% quit by the end the first week, 64% after the first month and 81% before the end of the second year. Only 9% succeed!

Why are we prone to fail so quickly despite our desire to succeed? How can we ensure our resolutions are honorable, profitable and sustainable? How can we implement this in our organizations?We are prone to wander and with that quickly fall into three traps.

In order to succeed, we have to establish disciplines within submission to the Lord, seeking His will while keeping our eyes on the things above in community with others that not only encourage us but also hold us accountable. We are prone to wander and with that quickly fall into three traps.

1. We rely on our own strength rather than the Lord's.

We are surrounded by prominent and successful individuals. We listen to the lies of the enemy feeling the pressure to rise up equally. Having been gifted with skills, each of us quickly falls into the trap of relying on our own strength to achieve our self-created goals. This strength however is limited, causing us to quickly loose energy making us vulnerable to derailing. Unless we continuously seek the Lord in sustaining us, we will have to rely on our broken selves.

Seek the Lord first above all things, individually as well as collectively. Work together with other organizations that have the same heart, lifting each other up and drawing from each other's God given strengths as you work in unity to further His kingdom.

2. Our focus is on the world rather than heavenly promises.

We imitate the fashions and desires of other organizations rather than seeking the Lord and listening to the Spirit guiding us. We are worried to loose supporters if our message is not reflecting popular trends. We may loose supporters, but when focused on the things above and remaining true to our brand, we will gain and reach those God wills.

Regularly revisit your mission statement as a team and together audit whether your messages and marketing align. Survey clients, supporters and the community to learn if your focus reflects your organizations heart.

3. Our discipline declines due to the lack of accountability

We were never created to walk through this world alone. We are all one body even though we work in many different places as we share the gospel through our work. We need to hold each other accountable, encourage each other and speak truth to one another when we see a brother or sister.

Start your day in corporate prayer with your team lifting up your organization as well as the community you touch. Share and pray for each other's individual temptations and burdens. Share in the rejoicing of answered prayers and blessings God granted which remind us of His faithfulness and strengthen us in continuing the work in our calling throughout the upcoming seasons.

For His Your Glory,

VERGENT Marketing Group

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