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About Us

VERGENT Marketing and Consulting Group is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization specializing in supporting non-profit organizations and ministries as they continue to serve within our community and around the world sharing the gospel through their gifting.

Through a holistic blend of legacy and innovation, our diverse team will work alongside you providing high end consulting and marketing services. Our greatest passion is to learn about your mission and share it with the world inviting others into your journey. 

Our heart is to take away the burden of staying current with the ever-changing market trends freeing your time to focus on the calling God has placed on your heart. Like a kaleidoscope, each non-profit organization and ministry adds a unique piece to the health of our community and ultimately to the beauty of the great commission.  We would be honored to partner with you in furthering God's kingdom.

For His Glory.


Simone Proctor

Operations Director

With a background in non-profit leadership, Simone brings experience in Public Relations and Marketing. When not working, she loves spending time with her family. Simone has a heart to study God's word and teaching it to other women God brings into her life.  


Amy Faye Kaina

Marketing Manager and Analyst

Amy Faye is an expert in analyzing and creating custom Marketing Portfolios for our clients. She has and continues to study marketing trends in order to provide cutting edge strategies. Amy and her husband Cade are expecting their first children, identical twin girls. 


Lily Mae Proctor

Photo/Video and Creative Specialist

As our Creative Specialist, Lily Mae brings our work to life. She is a true artist and pours her heart into each client and project. Outside of work, Lily studies at Union University and loves capturing God's creation with her camera. 

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